Paessler BitDecoder Private Beta

Go ahead and test the whole functionality of the Paessler BitDecoder!

Working closely with you, we want to make the BitDecoder a vital, easy-to-use IoT tool! Therefore we need your feedback! There is a form once you log in that can be used to give us feedback or ask for support.

About BitDecoder

Payload Decoding

IoT devices deliver metering data and information in encoded payloads, usually in hexadecimal format. These are not readable by post-processing systems without decoding. The BitDecoder supports you in structuring, marking and decoding complex payloads. As a result, you receive data in JSON format, which can then be processed in other platforms.

BitDecoder Benefits

  • ✓ Simple decoding of encoded IoT sensor data
  • ✓ No programming knowledge required (through use of VPL)
  • ✓ Automatic delivery of highly scalable API endpoints
  • ✓ Automated transfer of data to post-processing IoT platforms
  • ✓ Minimal effort due to the use of device templates